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This is an archive of published media reports. Many of the ministers reported in these articles have NOT been criminally convicted. tracks clergy sex abuse in the Southern Baptist Convention, EthicsDaily, 12/31/07

Church abuse victim receives $45,000, 12/31/07 (Cheryl Groth, Australia)(Despite "several complaints" and sexual assault on teen, Baptist "Sexual Abuse Complaints Committee" recommends restoration to ministry.)

Sexual abuse, Gore Nobel prize top headlines in 2007, EthicsDaily, 12/28/07

SNAP leader says sex offender database might have stopped accused predator, EthicsDaily, 12/28/07 (Darrell Gilyard / Paige Patterson's complicity)

One-time SBC rising star in spotlight for sexual text messages, EthicsDaily, 12/26/07 (Darrell Gilyard)

Pastor is under a cloud again, 12/24/07 (Darrell Gilyard)(Former SBC president Jerry Vines forgave him for "out of state troubles.")(See also blog posting w/ links to Dallas Morning News articles about prior complaints against Gilyard and people's attempts to report to Paige Patterson.)

Mom accuses Jacksonville pastor of sending lewd texts to daughter, Florida Times-Union, 12/24/07 (Darrell Gilyard)

Pastor Darrell Gilyard takes leave, 12/22/07 (with video)(Darrell Gilyard)(see also FBC-Jax Watchdog blog posting with news about Gilyard's prior history of being counseled by former SBC president Paige Patterson.)

Judge: Law requires clergy to report sex abuse, 12/22/07

Second former minister from Austin Southern Baptist church convicted of molestation, EthicsDaily, 12/21/07 (Jerry Carver / Rick Willits)

Southeastern seminary student charged with child sex abuse, ABP, 12/21/07 ("...the growing problem of sex abuse among Southern Baptist clergy.... SBC leaders...say the autonomy of local congregations and the lack of a denominational hierarchy stymie strict enforcement efforts.")

Baptist children's home exec sought no prison for clergy sex abuse, EthicsDaily, 12/19/07

Southern Baptist seminarian, youth minister face molestation charges, EthicsDaily, 12/17/07

Plea deal could keep 3 pastors' records clean, 12/16/07 (video)

Loveland pastors enter plea agreement for failure to report abuse, 12/16/07

Seminary student accused of abusing child at YMCA program, 12/14/07 (Justin Eugene Taylor)

Jury finds man guilty of sex abuse, 12/12/07 (Patrick Newsome - Baptist choir member who abused 10-yr-old during church fundraiser)

Clergy pedophile suits against Florida mega-church tossed due to statute of limitations, EthicsDaily, 12/12/07

Judges side with church in abuse; suspected victims filed suit too late, 12/11/07 (Bob Gray)

Minister charged with sex assault, 12/9/07 (Jerry Dale Carver)

Death, depression and drugs: Q&A with Matt Baker, Waco Tribune-Herald, 12/8/07 (Matt Baker)

Florida Southern Baptist pastor sentenced for sexual abuse of 86 yr old, 12/7/07 (Jerry Hutcheson)

Pastor regrets testimony on behalf of confessed child molester, EthicsDaily, 12/7/07 ("We have been ostracized," said a spokesman for the extended family. "Not one church leader has reached out to us.")

Washington Southern Baptist pastor charged with child molestation, 12/5/07 (Forrest Lee Hudson)

Woman upset church rented home to sex offender she says raped her daughter, 12/03/07 (Kenneth Brightman)

Church leader goes to prison, 11/29/07 (Baptist pastor and others call for mercy for clergy-pedophile. Victim's family says, "We have been ostracized. Not one church leader has reached out to us.")

Pastor of Washington County church charged with sex crimes, 11/28/07 (Leonard Frazier)

State Baptist conventions urge prevention of child abuse, RNS, 11/28/07

Not all criminal checks are equal, 11/27/07 (Marshal Seymour)

State convention resolutions indicate increased awareness of Baptist clergy sexual abuse, EthicsDaily, 11/26/07 (1. Frank Page: "If we were to have a national registry, what we know happens with true abusers, they just switch to another denomination that doesn't access a denominational database." 2. Description of ABC system.)

Former pastor talked openly with police about sex charges, 11/20/07 (Bob Gray)(quoted excerpts of Bob Gray's admissions to police)

Southern Baptist pastor charged with domestic violence, EthicsDaily, 11/20/07 (GA Baptist Convention executive committee member Jeff Witcher)

Atlanta megachurch pastor had child with sister-in-law, 11/20/07 (Cathedral of the Holy Spirit at Chapel Hill Harvester - Earl Paulk)(see timeline)

Baptists urge churches to take measures to prevent abuse, AP, 11/17/07 ("Victims who report abuse are told to bring their allegations to the congregation where the abuse occurred, and often meet a hostile reaction from those who know and admire the accused.")

SBC president responds to 'discontent', Louisville Courier-Journal, 11/16/07 (Frank Page says, "If we were to have a national registry, what we know happens with true abusers, they just switch to another denomination that doesn't access a denominational database.")

Support group urges Alabama Baptists to adopt tougher policy on clergy sex abuse, EthicsDaily, 11/15/07

Kentucky Baptists act to prevent sex abuse, Louisville Courier-Journal, 11/15/07 ("While the Roman Catholic Church underwent a massive crisis in reports and court cases also have revealed numerous instances of a cover-up of abuse among Baptist and other religious denominations." But, the Kentucky Baptist convention rejects database because "it would be difficult to decide what to do about accusations that haven't been confirmed in court.")

Accused pedophile Baptist preacher dies, EthicsDaily, 11/12/07 (Bob Gray)

Canadian Baptist church rocked by sex scandal will close, 11/9/07 (Roy Wood)

Accusations follow minister across 3 states, 11/7/07 (Marshal Seymour)

Mother: Minister got off lightly, Alabama Press-Register, 11/7/07 (Marshal Seymour)

Baptist pastoral counselor awaits sentencing for sexual assault, 11/7/07 (Sigifrido Flores)(video)

Ex-Downers Grove deacon pleads guilty to sex abuse, 11/6/07 (Howard Blattel)

Sexual abuse scandal hits prominent Southern Baptist church in Florida, EthicsDaily, 11/6/07 (Marshal Seymour)

Sex abuse charges dropped in case of Missouri commune, 11/6/07 (Raymond Lambert)

Alabama CBF passes policy regarding sexual abuse, EthicsDaily, 11/5/07

Pastor again hit with sex charges, 11/5/07 (Marshal Seymour)

Church volunteer in Lakeland accused of having sex with boys, 11/5/07 (Marshal Seymour)

Pastor: Abuse scandal a 'category 5' storm, 11/5/07 (Marshal Seymour)

Health remains issue for pastor accused of sex crimes, 11/5/07 (Bob Gray)(video)

Youth minister arrested on sex charges, 11/4/07 (Marshal Seymour)("He did exactly what he did here in Mobile, Alabama.")

Church deacon arrested for child molestation, 11/1/07 (Roy Long)

Lakeland church volunteer accused of sex abuse, 10/30/07 (FBC at the Mall, Lakeland, FL)("Pedophiles' goal in life is to subvert the system and have unfiltered access to children. They don't have that tattooed on their foreheads...It can happen to any church.")(video)

Church youth volunteer investigated, 10/29/07 (FBC at the Mall - Lakeland, FL)

Lakeland church volunteer under investigation, 10/28/07 (Marshal Seymour / FBC at the Mall, Lakeland, FL)

Former assistant pastor indicted in abuse, 10/27/07 (James Griffin)

Moderate Baptist leaders say SBC is neglecting the hungry, EthicsDaily, 10/19/07 (SBC takes in $10.4 billion per year with $500 million allocated to the Cooperative Program. Congregational properties are valued at over $42 billion.)

Baptist minister's conviction on forcible sodomy is reinstated, 10/18/07 (James R. Niederstadt)

Youth pastor arrested on sex charges, 10/18/07 (Donald Brent Page)

Sleepovers with Uncle Jeff, 10/18/07 (Pentecostal case shows same patterns as many Baptist cases: Perpetrator was prominent member of church & community, pastor covered up and vilified accusers, even family members turned against accusers, victims suffer long-lasting harm.)

Former Southern Baptist pastor charged with rape, sexual battery of teenage boy, EthicsDaily, 10/17/07 (Steven Haney / Tony Denton)

Federal grand jury indicts former pastor on child pornography charges, 10/16/07 (Steven Haney)

Grand jury indicts former Cordova pastor for rape and sexual battery, 10/12/07 (Steven Haney)

Man still counseling at time of his arrest, 10/10/07 (Tony Denton / Trinity)

Former music minister charged, 10/9/07 (Tony Denton / Trinity Baptist)

Church knew of allegations, 10/9/07 (Kelly Malcolm Grant / Westview Baptist Church)(pastor's semon was on forgiveness)

Former church worker arrested on sex charges, 10/8/07 (Tony Denton / Trinity Baptist in Jacksonville)

Canadian faces 14 counts in Baptist church sex assault case, 10/6/07 (Kelly Malcolm Grant)

Former pastor requests to change plea in federal case, 10/5/07 (Mark Woodson Mangrum)

Man admits to fondling kids at church functions: Police say he told pastors about assaults, 10/4/07 (Paul Lavertu)

Gay-sex sting operation nabs Baptist pastor, EthicsDaily, 10/4/07 (Robert E. Riley / Mark Woodson Mangrum)(pastor Riley was immediately removed from church staff listing)

Preacher arrested for murdering wife, 10/1/07 (Matthew Baker)

Baptist Student Ministries director arrested, accused of wife's death, 9/29/07 (Matthew Baker)(In addition to being pastor at a Southern Baptist church and chaplain at a youth center, Baker was student ministries director at Schreiner University.)

Southern Baptists consider denomination-wide response to clergy sex abuse, Christian Post, 9/24/07 (SNAP urges the Executive Committee to be open and transparent about the committee's methodology and resources, and to have hearings with victims, experts and other religious leaders who have dealt with clergy sex abuse. Roger "Sing" Oldham of the SBC says, "First of all, protect autonomy of local church, and second, protect the children too." He claims the bylaws workgroup had "already been looking at the entire matter" and that taking up the motion was "in addition to" what it had "already been working on.")

Southern Baptist choir director charged with sex abuse of 14-yr old, 9/22/07 (Nathan St. Pierre)

Former Southern Baptist pastor arrested in wife's 2006 death, 9/22/07 (Matthew Baker)

Southern Baptists open hearings into clergy sexual abuse, The Tennessean, 9/22/07

Former Central Texas pastor arrested for murdering his wife, 9/21/07 (Matthew Baker) (video)

Clergy sex abuse survivor questions fairness of SBC Executive Committee study, EthicsDaily, 9/21/07 (August Boto says: "Having an investigatory body would not be a bad idea in any denomination that recognizes ecclesiastical authorities outside the local church," Boto said, "but Baptists are among those faiths that do not." Executive Committee member refers to Christa Brown as a "person of no integrity" and every other man in the room stays silent.)

Alleged victim says former pastor told him sex was test of faith, 9/20/07 (EthicsDaily)(Steven Haney / John Bonine)("It's called 'passing the trash'...." / Dee Ann Miller calls denominational response "DIM" thinking. / Roger Oldham says denomination should "first of all, protect the autonomy of the local church, and second, protect the children too.")

SNAP calls for 'open and transparent' study of sex abuse by clergy, EthicsDaily, 9/18/07

Two Rivers Baptist church faction sues for files, 9/18/07

Group urges database for clergy sex abuse, WSMV-TV (Nashville), 9/17/07 (pdf copy)(SNAP requests SBC's study methodology and budget. SBC spokesperson says, "...first of all, protect autonomy...and second, protect the children.")

Church members sue Southern Baptist pastor, 9/17/07 (54 church members sue Rev. Jerry Sutton alleging financial mismanagement, refusal to allow inspection of church records, and punishment of those who question his authority.)

Fresno church congregation turns to God, 9/16/07 (Southern Baptist pastor John "Jeb" Bonine)

Baptist choir director admits child sex abuse, 9/14/07 (Carlton Johnson)

Fresno pastor pleads not guilty to sex abuse charges, Fresno Bee, 9/14/07 (John "Jeb" Bonine)

California Southern Baptist pastor charged with molestation, 9/14/07 (EthicsDaily)(John "Jeb" Bonine)

Fresno pastor arrested on felony child molestation charges, 9/13/07 (John "Jeb" Bonine)(video)

Fresno pastor accused of molesting children pleads not guilty, 9/13/07 (Southern Baptist pastor John "Jeb" Bonine faces 107 charges of molestation; bail is set at more than $5 million.)

Southern Baptist state convention offers anti-sex abuse measures, ABP, 9/13/07 ("The best way to prevent more clergy-molestation victims is to provide a safe and welcoming place to which victims may report abuse with an expectation of being objectively heard. That does not currently exist in any SBC-affiliated group...Until that exists, there should be no peace of mind for families in Southern Baptist churches.”)

Woman files suit against Loveland church in sex abuse cover-up, 9/12/07

Family sues Loveland church over molestation, 9/12/07 (video)

Episcopal diocese releases timeline chronicling claims of sexual abuse, 9/8/07 (Episcopal example of action: (1) Hired independent investigatory firm; (2) Notified church members where priest had worked; (3) informed people of the allegations; (4) Reached out to try to find other possible victims...and did; (5) Offered assistance to victims; and (6) Made a public apology)

Young victim: Former pastor said sex was "a test of faith", 8/30/07 (Steven C. Haney)

Child sex abuse by Protestant clergy difficult to document, 8/27/07

Baptist leader ends support for blogs, 8/27/07 (SBC president Frank Page tells churches to deal with issues "in a more private manner.")

Predator out, church plans 'soul-searching', 8/25/07 (Romeoville / Jeff Hannah)

Former Southern Baptist leader pleads guilty to prostitution charge, EthicsDaily, 8/23/07 (Coy Privette)

Illinois church knowingly placed convicted sex offender in pulpit, 8/22/07 (ABP) (Romeoville / Jeff Hannah)

Youth minister arrested for sexual assault, KETK NBC 56, 8/22/07 (Kevin Laferney)

Sex predator was Chicago area preacher, 8/21/07 (Romeoville / Jeff Hannah)(MSNBC video)

Former seminarian sentenced for sex crimes, 8/21/07 (EthicsDaily)(Brian "Doug" Goodrich, Jr. / Jeff Hannah)

Double Trouble, 8/21/07 (Preacher/sex offender tapped another child molester for worship role at Romeoville.) (Jeff Hannah)

Ex-minister may now face federal porn charges, 8/21/07 (James Love)

Church puts sex offender in the pulpit, USA Today with reader comments, 8/20/07 (Jeff Hannah)

Sex offender back in pulpit, 8/20/07, Chicago Sun-Times (Jeff Hannah)

NC Southern Baptist youth counselor gets 13 years, 8/17/07 (Brian "Doug" Goodrich, Jr.)

Former church intern gets 13 years on sex charges, 8/17/07 (Brian "Doug" Goodrich, Jr.)(video)

Another prominent SBC church beset by controversy over pastor's leadership, ABP, 8/17/07 (Jerry Sutton)

Charges against deacon dropped, 8/16/07 (Paul Epling)("Statute of limitations issues caused prosecutors to drop the charges.")

Baptist pastor under scrutiny, 8/14/07 (Jerry Sutton)("There has to be submission and authority.")

Nashville-area Baptist minister charged with abuse of incapacitated adult, 8/13/07 (Mack Chambers)

TN Baptist church leader accused of raping boys, exposing them to HIV, 8/10/07 (Maurice Carter)(video)

Moral activist charged with prostitution, EthicsDaily, 8/8/07 (Coy Privette)

Boy sues pastor's grandson, The Times - Munster, IN, 8/6/07 (Mark Comford)

IN Baptist church leader faces sex abuse suit, 8/4/07 (Mark Comford)

Parents sue Paramount Baptist Church over sex offender, 8/2/07 (Patrick K. Farmer)

Lawsuit says Amarillo church failed to protect from pedophile Sunday School teacher, EthicsDaily, 8/1/07 (Patrick K. Farmer)

Paramount Baptist lawsuit alleges failure to protect children, 8/1/07 (Patrick K. Farmer)

Church faces lawsuit, KVII-TV (Amarillo), 7/31/07 (Patrick Farmer)

Southern Baptist youth minister in Florida gets probation on abuse of teen, 7/31/07 (Jermey Patrick Gable)

TN Baptist pastor, Christian radio station employee charged with indecent exposure, 7/30/07 (Thomas Dale Tester)

Baptist pastor sentenced in sex case, 7/28/07 (Todd Turner Brock)(tried to make sex & bondage video with 17 yr old)

Former preacher accused of molestation may face more charges, EthicsDaily, 7/24/07 (Steven Haney)

Southern Baptist pastor in California gets 9 months in abuse of girl, 7/24/07 (Andres Garcia)

Baptist leader accused of hiring prostitute, EthicsDaily, 7/23/07 (Coy Privette)

Moral activist Privette arrested, Biblical Recorder, 7/20/07 (Coy Privette, Exec. Com member Baptist State Convention of NC)

Clergy rebuke SBC head for 'harsh rhetoric' over sex abuse cases, 7/20/07

Youth pastor in NM charged with rape of 14-yr old, 7/20/07 (Wendel Nix)

Southern Baptist morality activist arrested on sex-for-hire charges in NC, ABP, 7/20/07 (Coy Privette)

North Carolina Baptist official accused of paying for sex, 7/20/07 (Coy Privette, Exec. Com. member Baptist State Convention of NC)

Former church member speaks out about accused Memphis pastor, 7/20/07 (Steven Haney) (video)

(church knew of other accusations)

Former Southern Baptist minister arrested on sexual battery charges, 7/14/07 (Steven Haney)(video)

SBC messengers pass motion, resolution on clergy sex abuse, ABP, 7/14/07

Don't stop believing, The Texas Observer, 7/13/07 (Pastor and Baptist blogger Ben Cole compares the SBC to the Cosa Nostra.)

3 ministers charged with failing to report abuse, 7/12/07 (video)

Child sex-abuse victims cheer Delaware law, 7/11/07

Abuse claims aimed at retired Episcopal priest, 7/11/07 (Look what Episcopals did: 1) acknowledged decades-old sex abuse claims, 2) informed current and former members of the church, 3) conducted an investigation using outside assistance, 4) publicly stated that claims had substance, 5) looked for other victims.)

Florida Baptist Convention sued over clergy predator, EthicsDaily, 7/9/07 (Doug Myers)

Southern Baptist pastor in New Orleans is booked in sex crimes, 7/6/07 (James Griffin)

Insurance companies shed light on extent of sex abuse in Protestant churches, EthicsDaily, 7/6/07

Mom of abused boy sues Florida Baptist Convention, ex-pastor, church, 7/6/07 (Doug Myers)

Man gets 20 years for sexual assault, 7/6/07 (Matthew Allen McMurray / Timberline Baptist Camp)

Minister charged with sex abuse, 7/6/2007 (Duain Whittemore)(Another Baptist minister, Rev. Randy Collinwood Barton, defends the accused clergy-perpetrator and impugns the two accusers.)

Baptist Children's Home director accused of raping child, 7/2/07 (Duain Whittemore)

Sexual abuse in society and American churches - Your reactions, by Father Jonathan Morris,, 7/1/07

Pastor scandals erode trust in pulpit, 6/24/07 ("The system is so loose that a criminal conviction does not necessarily end the career of a Southern Baptist preacher. No credentials, not even a seminary degree, are required for Baptist preachers.")

Sexual abuse of minors in Protestant churches, by Father Jonathan Morris,, June 24, 2007.

Background checks studied by Baptists in Kentucky, 6/23/07

Suit filed against popular minister, 6/21/07 (Earl Paulk, with video)

Pastor from Cleveland Heights admits molesting two girls, Cleveland Plain Dealer, 6/21/07 (Wayne Biles)

Limits on sex abuse suits set for debate, 6/18/07 ("Experience...has proven denominations...will only change when forced to do so by a power greater than themselves -- and that power has been the media, public opinion and especially the U.S. legal system," said Thomas Doyle.)

Released figures offer glimpse into Protestant sex abuse problems, by Rose French (AP), The Christian Post, 6/18/2007

Should we put a time limit on justice? 6/17/07 (Catholic canon law requires record-keeping of abuse allegations. Who is keeping records among Southern Baptists?)

Data shed light on child sexual abuse by Protestant clergy, New York Times (AP), 6/16/07

Tallying sexual abuse by Protestant clergy, New York Times (AP), 6/15/07 ("The three companies that insure a majority of Protestant churches say they typically receive upward of 260 reports a year of children younger than 18 being sexually abused by members of the clergy, church staff members, volunteers or congregants.")

Three insurers shed light on Protestant church sex abuse, by Rose French of the Associated Press, 6/14/07 ("...churches just weren't sending the names. In the normal scenario, they just try to keep it secret.")

A look at abuse data in Protestant churches, 6/14/07

Baptists eye sex-offender database: panel will issue report next year, 6/13/07

Pastor urges predator database, 6/13/07 (Though over 8000 Southern Baptist messengers supported the motion, SBC president Frank Page says it's a "moot point.")

Resolution passed to prevent clergy sex abuse in SBC churches, 6/13/07 (Page urges "policy guidelines". How many kids will have to be hurt before they acknowledge a "large-scale" problem?)

Southern Baptist vote may be reformist victory, 6/13/07 ("Southern Baptists have taken a step forward. We hope they will build on that.")

Southern Baptists weigh defining what it means to be Baptist, Dallas Morning News (AP), 6/12/07 ("The Convention is in a precarious position because if it acknowledges an oversight role on curbing abuse, it exposes itself to lawsuits," says Bill Leonard, dean of Wake Forest U. Divinity School.)

Abuse victims group holds vigil backing protections, Fort Worth Star-Telegram, 6/12/07

Should clergy sex offenders be treated differently, Chicago Tribune, 6/12/07 ("The Texas Baptist Convention announced it would post the names of convicted clergy sex offenders, which are already made public by the state. Burleson said that if the Southern Baptist Convention follows that model, it will miss the point. Clergy offenders should still be held accountable for wrongdoing even if their victims don’t come forward for decades.")

SBC to consider national clergy sex-offender database, EthicsDaily, 6/11/07 (**Comprehensive history of SNAP's effort among Southern Baptists with links to all prior EthicsDaily articles, columns and video, extensive account of CB's story, and data/statistics on child sex abuse.**)

The recycle of clergy abuse, ABP, 6/11/07 ("Now there is a new urgency in Baptist life, but for all the talk, little has been done.")

Betrayed trust: sex-abuse victims speak to help others and find healing themselves, ABP, 6/11/07

Breaking the cycle: how can churches escape the trap of recycling sex abusers? 6/8/07 ("Churches need an independent review panel to receive accusations and oversee investigations...")

Sexual predators often fly under the radar at church, 6/8/07 ("Pastor sex-offenders...rarely have a criminal history.... Baptist autonomy can be a problem in tracking predators, experts agree...Predators take advantage of that.... If he really repented, then he would never seek another pulpit.")

Stepping over the line, 6/8/07 ("Southern Baptists often wind up protecting the predator on the theory that he may be merely a wanderer....No good shepherd would take such risks.")

Victims' father urges SBC president to lead fight against clergy sexual abuse, EthicsDaily, 6/7/07 ("If I were a young parent, I wouldn't go to a Southern Baptist church.")

More Baptists taking steps to prevent abuse, 6/7/07 ("...we care deeply about its victims" says Emily Prevost of the BGCT)

Texas Baptists answer critics, Associated Baptist Press, 6/6/07 ("The complete BGCT list, totaling fewer than 100 names, also includes ministers who committed adultery, became addicted to pornography or engaged in homosexual behavior. BGCT officials have declined to release the names of ministers who were not convicted... ")

Texas Baptists stepping up fight against clergy sexual abuse, 6/6/07

Texas Baptists cracking down on clergy sexual abuse, Dallas Morning News, 6/5/07 ("The BGCT has always required a church reporting on a pastor's sexual misconduct to have 'substantial evidence'.")

New York Baptist pastor sentenced, 6/5/07 (David Troup)

Sinton, TX youth minister charged with child porn and indecent contact, 6/5/07 (Stephen Livingston)

Keeping Watch, 6/2/07 ("Clergy abuse is not just a Catholic thing. It happens in every denomination." Addressing the issue is "one of the things Jesus would expect of us to do. If people are suffering, we are supposed to do something about it.")

Clergy sex abuse likely hot topic at SBC, 6/1/07

Sex abuse in churches preventable, say experts, 6/1/07 ("It's happening across of the things that makes us vulnerable is our autonomy....90 percent of active sexual offenders have no criminal record that would show up in a background check.")

Ex-Beaumont pastor arrested for attempted kidnapping, assault, Beaumont Enterprise, 5/15/07 (Herman Lewis)

Retired Episcopal priest investigated for sexual misconduct, 5/25/07 (illustrates Episcopal practice of having denominational leaders investigate allegations with an outside investigator, of notifying people who came in contact with the accused priest, and of apologizing to the victims)

UK Baptist minister jailed for sex attacks, 5/25/07 (Nigel Westley)

Baptist pastor pleads guilty on sex abuse; faces up to 32 years, 5/21/07 (David J. Troup - photo)

Baptist minister pleads not guilty in sex abuse case, 5/19/07 (James Love)("Love's work with youth was cited when he received Bloomington's 2006 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. award.")(Love later pled guilty.)

Perp slams social service agency for not aiding victim, 5/18/07 (Lawrence Brown)

DA investigates teen's assault allegation against pastor, 5/16/07 (Lawrence Brown)("I've heard members that God is going to kill me," said the teen's father who reported the Baptist pastor's abuse to authorities.)

Southern Baptists face sexual abuse crisis, The Christian Century, 5/15/07 ("There is no Southern Baptist Convention office which collects and provides any qualifying information, including information about sex abuse convictions or accusations, with regard to any local church employees..." said D. August Boto, general counsel of the SBC's executive committee. "The Southern Baptist Convention was formed on the belief that the selection of its ministers is a sacred right held and exercised by the local church alone under the leadership of God.")

Experts: Allegations often untold in black churches, 5/15/07

Teen reveals shocking tale of sex abuse: church allegedly knew for two years, 5/15/07 ("This is what the Catholics did to their kids, acting like it's no big deal.")

SBC official says relatively 'low' number of cases, EthicsDaily, 5/14/07 (Where did SBC get this number? EthicsDaily says SBC "should issue a corrrection" and that autonomy is being used as a "smokescreen." Parham said SBC leaders "override local church autonomy when they want to enforce doctrinal and political power."... "Amid revelations of sexual abuse by Catholic priests in 2002, Southern Baptists passed a resolution encouraging all religious bodies to 'rid their ranks of predatory ministers.' Yet confronted with accusations they are inactive in ridding their own ranks of predators, Southern Baptist leaders consistently invoke the dogma of local-church autonomy.")

Fort Worth pastor suspended after rape accusations, 5/12/07 (Church of God in Christ)(Typical pattern: "We don't understand why the church, since they had full knowledge this was going on, didn't take action sooner.")

Another Jacksonville Southern Baptist pastor charged with sexually assaulting girl, 5/12/07 (Fritzner Jean)

Sexual abuse of children in Southern Baptists targeted by watchdog group, 5/11/07 (Where did the SBC get the "40 incidents in 15 years" number? SNAP received about 40 reports in 6 months. EthicsDaily says the SBC "should issue a correction.")

Illinois Baptist pastor charged for failing to report sexual abuse and for paddling 12-yr old who told, 5/11/07 (Daryl Bujak)

Southern Baptist pastor pleads guilty to 15 counts of child exploitation, 5/11/07 (Kevin Ogle)

Church expresses support for accused minister, Pantagraph, 5/9/07 (James Love)

Ex-Beaumont pastor arrested for attempted kidnapping, assault, Beaumont Enterprise, 5/5/07 (Herman Lewis)

Illinois Baptist minister charged with drugging and abusing kids, 5/07/07 (James C. Love) (He had passed background checks.)

Southern Baptists not immune to scandals involving sex abuse, by Adelle Banks, The Oklahoman, 5/5/07

SBC president questions motives of SNAP, says sex abuse everywhere, EthicsDaily, 5/2/2007 (Former church secretary contradicts statement of former Florida Baptist Convention president Dwayne Mercer concerning sex abuse and harassment complaints against ministerial staff.)

Sex abuse victims turn focus to Baptists, The Tennessean, 4/29/07

Ohio minister sued by sex offense victims, 4/26/07 (Lonnie J. Aleshire)

A path to healing, 4/25/07 (illustrates Lutheran practice of receiving abuse reports and of taking denominational responsibility for informing churches in which a reported child molester has worked, even when he has not been criminally convicted)

FBC-Farmersville: Church member/businessman Indicted for sexual abuse of teens he met at church, 4/25/07

Shifflett back in court, 4/25/07 (Charles Shifflett)

Church stands by Baptist youth pastor accused of molesting minor, Christian Post, 4/23/07 (Blaine Miller)(Senior pastor Merle Fulmer, of Lakeridge Baptist in Lubbock, TX, says "he's positive his youth pastor will come out clean and is keeping Miller on staff pending the trial outcome.")

Lawsuit claims Southern Baptist church allowed pastor's inappropriate relationship with teen, 4/22/07 (Lonnie Broome, who at last check was still in the pulpit)

SBC president labels sexual abuse critics 'opportunists', EthicsDaily, 4/20/07

Southern Baptists confront their own sexual scandal, Religion News Service (Chicago Tribune) , 4/20/07

TV news magazine investigates sexual abuse in Protestant churches, 4/18/07 ("Parents have it all wrong when it comes to protecting their children from sexual abuse...Instead of fearing strange men in dark alleys, they should be wary of trusted figures...who can manipulate children's emotional attachments to them.")

Teen describes affair with church leader, 4/18/07 (Methodist)

SBC officials criticize 'Predator Preacher' report on 20/20, EthicsDaily, 4/18/07

Southern Baptist leaders blast ABC sex abuse report, Christian Post, 4/17/07 (Augie Boto acknowledges "accurate assertions" of failed communication between local churches. "It is true that in some of those instances, abuse had occurred earlier at churches where those men had been previously employed.")

Tax fraud charges against Baptist pastor with prior convictions for cruelty and battery of children, 4/17/07 (Charles Shifflett)

Response to ABC 20/20 segment on sexual predators in ministry, by D. August Boto, Baptist Press, 4/16/07 ("20/20 referred to the list of ministers as 'the list of available ministers.' It would have been more accurate to refer to it as the 'list of serving ministers.'" Boto also points out that "in most of the sex abuse cases that were reported, the perpetrators had no criminal record....")

SBC president says denomination looking into sex offender registry,, 4/16/07

20/20 investigates sexual abuse in SBC, ABP, 4/16/07 ("Southern Baptists watched as Catholics scrambled to respond to the growing crisis of predatory clergy but were 'far too busy noticing the splinters in our neighbor's eye when motes were lodged in our own,'" said pastor Ben Cole.)

Southern Baptist abuse cases garnering more attention, Christian Post, 4/15/07

Tabernacle Baptist Children's Home: Men molested, beat children, 4/14/07

Pastors seek action on clergy sexual abuse, EthicsDaily, 4/13/07 ("Pious comments do not alter the dynamic of the powerful preying on the powerless. . . . Unless these efforts address forthrightly the misuse of local church autonomy, behind which SBC leadership has hidden to evade responsibility, then achieving needed institutional and attitudinal changes will be most unlikely.")

Blogger, activist pastors to press SBC to deal with sexual abuse, ABP, 4/13/07

Sex offenders enrolled in Southern Baptist seminary, 4/13/07

Preachers accused of sins and crimes: ABC news investigation uncovers predators in Protestant churches, ABC 20/20 transcript, 4/13/07

20/20 Airs Report on Predator Preachers April 13, EthicsDaily, 4/13/07 (Also, whistleblower priest Thomas Doyle writes to SBC president, saying "It was the desperate need for a system of accountability that drove the creation of an oversight mechanism.")

ABC's 20/20 to investigate Southern Baptist sex issue, ABP, 4/13/07 ("Even if you only count the last six months' worth of publicly reported cases, there have been a lot more than 'several'.")

Sex abuse victims still say Southern Baptists are Unresponsive, Christian Post, 4/12/07 ("Baptist leaders, however, say because of the autonomy of local churches, the church body does not have the legal authority to create an independent board.")

Minister accused of sex abuse commits suicide, EthicsDaily, 4/5/07 (Stephen Lyle Whittaker / Phillip Glenn Terrell)

Pensacola pastor sought to hide claims, 4/5/07 (Leon Rankins)

SBC president says sexual abuse by clergy not systemic, EthicsDaily, 4/4/07

Gainesville youth pastor charged with child molestation, 4/4/07 (SBC minister Phillip Glenn Terrell)

NC Baptist pastor faces four felony sex charges, 3/31/07 (Todd Turner Brock)

Southern Baptist minister charged with sexual abuse, EthicsDaily, 3/30/07 ("Clergy abuse survivors may be psychologically wounded people, but they aren't stupid.")

Southern Baptist preacher in Florida panhandle charged with child sex abuse, 3/29/07 (Stephen Lyle "Steve" Whittaker)

North Carolina Baptist pastor sentenced for sex with girls in church, 3/29/07 (Ronald Lee Simpson )

Baptist minister, volunteer track coach, charged with rape of 14-yr old, EthicsDaily, 3/28/07 (Timothy Neal Byars)

Alabama preacher faces 7 counts for sexual abuse of girls, 3/28/07 (Earl Holland)

CA Southern Baptist pastor will stand trial on child molestation / rape charges, 3/27/07 (Charles Dickerson)

SNAP Cries Foul over Baptist Press reporting, EthicsDaily, 3/27/07

Baptist Deacon to stand trial on charge of raping 6-year-old, 3/27/07 (Paul Epling)

Evangelist Ousley's ministry suspended, 3/23/07 (Rick Ousley)

Baptist youth leader Roy Wesley arrested on molestation warrant, 3/17/07 (Roy Wesley)

Southern Baptist minister pleads guilty to threatening to kill mistress, 3/16/07 (John Lau)

Southern Baptist preacher in North Carolina charged with child sex crimes spanning 3 decades, 3/13/07 (Roy Mace Honeycutt)

Lawyer says former Southern Baptist pastor innocent of sex charge, EthicsDaily, 3/7/07 (Mark Woodson Mangrum)

Former Baptist music minister sentenced for child rape, 3/5/07 (Gregory Stanley Dempsey)

Keeping Doors Open, by Gary Soulsman (The News Journal - Delaware), 3/3/07 ("Given that churches collaborate on missions and the creation of teaching materials, surely they could do more on the issue of abuse.")

Former SBC president defends denomination's record against clergy sex abuse, EthicsDaily, 3/2/07 (1. Jerry Vines' "reported denunciation of Muslim Prophet Muhammad as a 'demon-possessed pedophile.... " 2. "Vines praised ministries of Trinity Baptist Church in Jacksonville...." 3. "We shouldn't enjoy this Catholic mess too much," future SBC President Bobby Welch advised... "don't be surprised if there is more and more within our ranks.")

Abuse critic apologizes to Baptists, The Commercial Appeal, 2/28/07 ("Page in turn called on SNAP leaders to share any information about abusive clergy.'If they have examples of abuse or names of any predators who are ministers in our churches then we're asking them to please let us know,' Page said. 'We want to prevent our precious children from ever being hurt.'")

Methodist minister pleads guilty to abuse of 15-yr old congregant, 2/28/07 (Methodist)

Southern Baptist lawyer says independent abuse panel not possible, EthicsDaily (RNS), 2/26/07

Lawyer seeks dismissal of lewdness charge against former SBC leader, EthicsDaily, 2/26/07

Another Baptist minister arrested, charged with child sex exploitation, 2/26/07 (Kevin Ogle)

Clergy sex abuse arrest stuns South Carolina Baptist church,, 2/26/07 (Kevin Ogle)

Baptist churches face child sexual abuse condemnation, 2/23/07

Baptist sex case surfaces in Virginia, Richmond Times-Dispatch, 2/23/07 (Kenneth Payne)

Harder to track abuse in Protestant denominations, WHNT News (Huntsville, AL), 2/23/07 (Philip Jenkins says, "Southern Baptists are massively decentralized compared to the Catholic Church.")

"This is what God told me to do to you", The Dallas Observer, 2/23/07 (Sherman Allen)(rapes and paddlings as biblical punishment in Church of God in Christ)

SNAP admits error in saying SBC leaders did not respond to letter,, 2/23/07

Former SBC Exec argues constitutional right to solicit 'rent boys', 2/23/07

Baptists' vulnerability to clergy sex abuse may be among highest, The Alabama Baptist, 2/22/07

Advocates target Baptist sex offenders, 2/22/07 ("Church leaders...say their hands are tied.... " "We can't expect God to forgive us when we ask him for forgiveness, and not forgive our pastor....")(Kevin Ogle)

SC Baptist pastor Kevin Ogle charged with sexual exploitation of children, 2/22/07 (Kevin Ogle)

Pursuing Baptist predators,, 2/22/07

EC general counsel disputes group's child sex abuse claims in AP story, Baptist Press, 2/22/2007 (".. the proper investigatory panel for Baptists should be law enforcement officials.")

Baptists Asked to Crack Down on Abusers, by Rose French, Associated Press (picked up by 170 papers across the country), 2/21/07 (Frank Page says, "Children are the most precious gifts from God.")

SBC leaders deny charge of unresponsiveness about clergy sex abuse, EthicsDaily, 2/21/07 (lists the members of the bylaws work group)

Southern Baptist minister in SC charged with soliciting sex from 14-yr old, 2/20/07 (Kevin Ogle)

SBC Executive Committee to discuss SNAP's requests, EthicsDaily, 2/20/07

Court dates set for leaders of Grand Valley Baptist on child sex charges, 2/20/07 (Raymond Lambert)

Group asks Southern Baptist leaders to address clergy sex abuse, EthicsDaily, 2/19/07

"Address clergy sex abuse," Victims tell Attorney General, 2/18/07

TN Baptist pastor Mark Mangrum indicted on child sex charges, 2/16/07 (Mark Mangrum)

Episcopal rector in TX charged with sexual assaults on teen, 2/11/07 (Episcopal)

Southern Baptist minister indicted on charges of raping student, 2/10/07 (Timothy Byars)

Preacher gets split sentence in teen sex case, Crossville Chronicle, 2/02/07 (Southern Baptist pastor Vern Daugherty attacks and trashes the 14-yr old victim of a fellow pastor who admitted guilt on a child sex charge.)

Bellevue report: Assistant pastor guilty of sex abuse against son, 1/30/07 (Paul Williams)

Victims' advocates criticize Bellevue response to minister's sexual abuse, EthicsDaily, 1/30/07 (Paul Williams)

Bellevue report faults handling of minister's sexual abuse, EthicsDaily, 1/29/07 (Paul Williams)

Baptist megachurch minister admits sexually abusing son, AP, 1/29/07 (Bellevue - Paul Williams)

Baptist churches more vulnerable to clergy sex abuse, experts say, Associated Baptist Press, 1/23/07 (“In other denominations, [pastors] know that if charges are brought, truth will win out.... Most Baptists and nondenominational ministers know that ‘If I get caught, I can move to California and start a new church.’”)

Bellevue fires minister at center of sex-abuse scandal, EthicsDaily, 1/23/07 (Paul Williams)

Clergy sex abuse case reveals flaws in SBC system, EthicsDaily, 1/22/07 (Shawn D. Davies)

Former Baptist youth minister convicted in Missouri, News-Graphic (Georgetown, KY), 1/21/07 (Shawn Davies)

TX Baptist pastor plays doctor - performs breast and pelvic exams, 1/20/07 (Arthur Daniel Hayes)

Volunteer at Baptist camp faces child-pornography charges, ABP, 1/19/07 (Aaron Niles)

Missouri Baptist pastor sentenced to 20 years for child sex abuse, 1/18/07 (Shawn D. Davies)

Bellevue investigation report due, EthicsDaily, 1/16/07

Lynchburg-area Southern Baptist pastor guilty of molestion, 1/12/07 (Kenneth Payne)

Prominent Missouri churches reaches settlement in sexual assault suit, ABP, 1/11/07 (Mark Brooks)

Kansas City church settles paternity lawsuit involving former minister, EthicsDaily, 1/10/07 (minister renounces his child / young mom required to give up church membership)(Mark Lewis Brooks)

Author says Bellevue pastor should be sued, EthicsDaily, 1/8/07

Seminary president urges neighboring pastor to resign, ABP (Baptist Standard), 1/5/07 (Bellevue - Paul Williams)

Convicted child molester was long-time pastor of Southern Baptist churches, EthicsDaily, 1/5/07 (Doug Myers)

Memphis radio station features critic of Bellevue pastor, EthicsDaily, 1/2/07