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This is an archive of published media reports. Many of the ministers reported in these articles have NOT been criminally convicted.

Probation may be revoked for former Baptist pastor, 12/30/06 (Jeffrey Heberlein)

Coach at Christian Academy pleads guilty to sexual assault on 15-yr old, 12/28/2006 ("Church tried to cover it up" - family harassed - "It's an all-too-typical reaction.")

Assistant DA says pastor's failure to report sex abuse could be a crime, EthicsDaily, 12/26/07

Bellevue pastor staying, Texas pastor leaving, over clergy sex-abuse scandals, EthicsDaily, 12/22/2006

Pastor accused of child molestation will retire, 12/21/2006 (Larry Reynolds)

Bellevue investigates minister for "moral failure," EthicsDaily, 12/20/06

Former Baptist pastor Michael Ross convicted of abusing church youth, 12/19/06 (Michael Ross)

Victims group calls for Texas Baptist convention's list of offenders, Denton Record-Chronicle, 12/17/06 ("The file contains incidents of clergy misconduct that include extramarital affairs as well as sexual abuse of children, she said.... If there has been a confession, a conviction or substantial evidence of misconduct has been documented, that information is included in the file, Row said."

Suits allege clergy misconduct: Two Baptist ministers apologize after women bring forth accusations, 12/17/06 (Larry Reynolds / Dale "Dickie" Amyx)

Missouri church leaders accused of child sex abuse - hear the voice of victims on NPR, 12/14/06 (Raymond Lambert and others at Grand Valley Baptist)

Church camp leader arrested for child porn, CBS News (AP), 12/13/06 (Aaron Niles)

Baptist camp leader charged with child porn, 12/13/2006 (Aaron Niles)

Baptist pastor in Birmingham pleads guilty to sexual abuse of 3 girls, 12/12/06 (Luis Federico Garcia)

Are Baptist leaders doing enough about clergy sex abuse revelations? Associated Baptist Press, 12/7/2006 ( Brown handed out brochures at the annual BGCT convention... "Even if [Baptist leaders] can’t actually remove men from ministry, they could at least take on the obligation to inform people in the pews when there is information about a minister reported for molesting a kid...To keep that kind of information a secret from parents is unconscionable.”)

Convicted sex offender hired as youth minister and impregnates teen, 12/5/06 (Steven King)

Sex Abuse by Clergy Affects All Religions, by Pete Alfano, Fort Worth Star-Telegram, 12/3/2006

Grand Valley Baptist pastor and wife charged with child sex abuse, 12/03/06 (Raymond Lambert)

Second lawsuit alleges pastor touched teen, 12/02/06 (Perry L. Montgomery)

Pastor reportedly settles lawsuit alleging sexual abuse of minor, EthicsDaily, 11/20/06 (Larry Reynolds)

North Carolina Baptists vote to exclude gays, EthicsDaily, 11/16/06

Baptist delegates approve anti-gay policy, 11/14/06

SNAP Urges Texas Baptists to Disclose List of Sexual Predators, EthicsDaily, 11/13/06

SNAP calls on the Baptist General Convention of Texas to disclose the names in its secret file of ministers reported by churches for child molestation.

Report alleges cover-up of pedophile by Baptist church, EthicsDaily, 11/3/06 (Bob Gray)(Summary of Christa Brown case: "They responded there was no record... He in fact was serving in a church in Florida.)

Borden Baptist Church: pastor David Troup jailed on felony sex abuse charges, 10/31/06

Missouri Baptist Convention ousts 19 churches over ties to moderates, ABP, 10/31/06

Falwell terms clergy sex-abuse case 'bump in the road', EthicsDaily, 10/31/06 (Trinity - Bob Gray)

BGCT officials step down amid spending probe, EthicsDaily, 10/27/06 ("Montoya says he tried to alert BGCT officials to evidence of possible fraud, but no one wanted to believe him or seriously investigate....")

Thousand Oaks pastor pleads guilty to molesting young girl, 10/20/06 (William Alan Malgren)(with video and voice of the victim - he was "less minister than monster")

Former SBC Missionary Speaks Out for Victims of Clergy Sex Abuse, EthicsDaily, 10/16/06 ("There are just too many guys who have covered up too much....")

Clergy Sex-Abuse Activist Awaits Response from SBC, EthicsDaily, 10/11/06 (MORE Baptist abuse survivors make their voices heard!)("SBC officials stand on an island that is void of any moral ground.")

Grand Valley Baptist: Abuse suspected in 2 churches, 10/8/2006 (Raymond Lambert and others)

Elder Says He's Changed, 10/4/2006 (Jeffrey Heberlein)

SBC Spokesman Responds. SNAP Answers "Where There's a Will There's a Way", EthicsDaily, 10/02/06.

Advocate Says Baptist Leaders Slow to Confront Problem of Clergy Sex Abuse, EthicsDaily, 9/29/06

SBC should reject the use of secrecy contracts. Catholic leaders have. Why not Baptists?

Southern Baptist Leaders Challenged to Get Tough on Sex Abuse by Clergy, EthicsDaily, 9/27/06

SNAP urges SBC leaders to create independent review board and to rid their ranks of clergy predators.

Victims of Baptist clergy abuse urge SBC leaders to take action, Associated Baptist Press, 9/27/2006 ("SBC officials have said they will continue to provide support for abuse victims....")

Group asks Baptists to form Board to track clergy linked to abuse, by Anita Wadhwani, The Tennessean, 9/27/06

Alabama Baptist pastor pleads guilty to 13 child sex charges, 9/25/2006 (Garrett Dykes)

L.A. Pastor charged with sexually abusing 2 girls, 9/19/2006 (Joseph Gary Torres)

Ex-youth minister accused of sexual abuse, KLTV 7 News Tyler, 8/21/06 (Kevin Laferney)

Methodists Settle Sex Suit for $6.7 million, 8/4/2006

Child abuse detectives file sexual assault charge , 8/2/2006 (Jerry Dale Carver / Charles Richard "Rick" Willits)

Accused molester faces new charges allegedly involving teen boys, WRAL, 7/14/2006 (Brian "Doug" Goodrich)

Youth minister faces sex charges, 6/30/06 (Shawn Davies)

Church intern, seminary student, charged with indecent liberties, WRAL, 6/12/2006 (Brian "Doug" Goodrich)

Pastor paddled girl who claimed abuse, MSNBC, 5/12/06 (Daryl Bujak)

Pastor charged with spanking girl, Free Republic, 5/12/06 (Daryl Bujak)(spanking was to make her stop making sex abuse allegations against a relative)

Missouri police investigate molestation by minister in Baptist church, 5/5/06 (Shawn Davies)

Protestors rally in front of local church, The Oviedo Voice, 4/6/06 (Tommy Gilmore)

Waco Baptist Church: Convicted sex offender directed youth choir, 3/25/06 (Curtis Jene Smith)

Westside Victory Baptist pastor gets 3 life terms on 25 charges of child sex crimes, 3/8/06 (Larry Neathery)

Victims urge BGCT to release list, Baptist Standard, 3/3/06

Teen describes series of assaults by Fort Worth pastor, 3/1/06 (photo)(Larry Nuell Neathery)

Shifflett out again, 2/18/06 (Charles Shifflett)

Conservatives expel Texas church for ties to gay-friendly ministry, ABP, 1/31/06 (Southern Baptists of Texas convention and local association expel church for letting gay-friendly ministry use church meeting space.)

Former B&G club director arrested on child porn charges, Marshall News Messenger, 1/13/06 (George Husk)

Headlines from before 2006:

Sex charges rock Baptist church, London Free Press, 9/9/2005 (Roy Wood, Brian Fast, William Dalton Fletcher, Russell Wilson)

Pastor charged with sex abuse, Fort Worth Star-Telegram, 1/4/2005 (Larry Neathery)("He is going to depend on the Lord to take care of him.")

Former local teacher pleads guilty to sex abuse, WLKY News (KY), 8/4/04 (Bill Maggard, Jr.)(He was Sunday School volunteer and employee of school connected to Highview Baptist in Louisville. See 1/9/04 article.)

IMB creates sexual abuse hotline for victims, Baptist Standard, 2/6/04

Former Illinois Baptist president nabbed in prostitution crackdown, ABP, 1/13/2004 (Charles West)

Former teacher charged with molesting two students, Louisville Courier-Journal, 1/9/04 (Bill Maggard, Jr. / Rev. Kevin Ezell, pastor of Highview Baptist in Louisiville, invokes clergy-penitent privilege to avoid testifying about his knowledge related to allegations of child molestation charged against man who was Sunday School volunteer and former employee of school connected to Highview Baptist.)

Former East Chicago pastor preaching in Miami, The Times (Indiana) , 1/11/2004 (Chester Mulligan)

Former East Chicago pastor charged with sexual misconduct, The Times (Indiana) 12/30/2003 (Chester Mulligan)

Former preacher/child molester released, KLTV (East Texas), 11/12/2003 (Kenneth Eugene Ward)("Death, sickness, nothing compares to that morning when it seemed like my whole world dissolved," said Stephanie.)

Edmonds to serve one year for fondling teens, News4Jax, 7/1/2003 (Stephen Edmonds, FBC-Jacksonville)

Former Baptist pastor indicted, Dallas Morning News, 2/8/2003 (Michael Wayne O'Guin)

Angry ex-deacon denies abuse claims, The State, 8/31/2002 (John Hubner)

Woman says defendant repeatedly fondled her, The State, 8/29/2002 (John Hubner)

Ex-deacon's sex abuse trial to begin, The State, 8/26/2002 (John Hubner)

Illinois editor resigns under pressure, Baptist Standard, 7/22/2002 (Leslie Mason)

Former SBC missionary confesses inappropriate contact with children, Baptist Standard / N.C. Biblical Recorder, 7/1/2002 (William "Mac" McElrath)

First Baptist did not handle situation correctly, The State, 6/15/2002 (John Hubner)

Baptists address issue of clergy sexual abuse, The State, 6/13/2002 (John Hubner)

Religious leaders critical of Vines, Florida Times-Union, 6/13/2002 ("Muslims and Christians alike said yesterday they were hurt and saddened that the pastor of Jacksonville's largest church publicly attacked Islam and called the prophet Muhammad a "demon-possessed pedophile.")

Southern Baptists boot gay protesters, Christianity Today, 6/1/2002 (Jerry Vines says Muhammed was "a demon-possessed pedophile," and Bobby Welch says, "We shouldn't enjoy this Catholic mess too much... don't be surprised if there is more and more within our ranks.")

Columbia's First Baptist faces lawsuit over former deacon's conduct, The State, 5/26/2002 (John Hubner)

Accused First Baptist deacon resigns, Florida Times-Union, 4/19/2002 (Stephen Edmonds, FBC-Jacksonville)

Former pastor gets prison term for possessing child pornography, Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, 12/5/2000 (Timothy Lee Reddin)

Preacher faces new charge of sexual abuse, Miami Herald, 9/14/2000 (William Nathan White)

Baptists urged to battle sexual abuse by clergy, Austin American-Statesman, 11/9/1999 ("The Texas Baptist Convention... gets a call about once every two weeks from someone wanting to report possible abuse.")

Man who admits years of molestation gets prison, Dallas Morning News, 7/14/1999 (Kenneth Eugene Ward)

When clergy prey, women pray to be heard, Tara Dooley, Fort Worth Star-Telegram, 11/8/1998

Seminary chairman quits amid sex charges, 10/14/1998 (Ollin Collins)

Ex-pastor sentenced to 9 years, 10/11/1996 (Jeffrey Hannah)

Man claims minister abused him 40 years ago, Charleston Gazette, 9/1/1995 (Donald W. Schultz)

Damaging trial developments force Baptist Medical System into reported $1.25 million settlement, by George Waldon, Arkansas Business, 11/14/1994 (Robin Hagaman)("The teen-agers were BRI patients who were sexually abused by Hagaman.... ")

Left by the Wayside, Joanne Cavanaugh, Miami Herald, 4/10/1994 (Keith Geren)

Bad news gets worse: Baptist Medical System tries to distance itself from sexual abuse charge against executive, by George Waldon, Arkansas Business, 11/15/1993 (Robin Hagaman)("Baptist officials are drawing the most criticism for allegations of not recognizing a problem that allegedly existed years ago. Reports that Baptist officials privately exerted lobbying pressure to prevent the filing of any criminal charges against Hagaman add to the swirl of controversy.")

Five named in $10 million suit, Tulsa World, 8/23/1992 (Donald McCary, and cover-up allegations against Ron Phillips, chairman of the SBC's Home Mission Board)

A story of incest: Father's sexual abuse of young daughters leaves family in tatters, Debra McKinney, Anchorage Daily News, 8/9/1992 (George Tom Wade)

Presidio child abuse figure dies of AIDS, San Jose Mercury News, 1/4/1990 (Gary Hambright)

Minister gets 10 life terms in rapes, burglaries, Associated Press (Houston Chronicle), 8/25/1988 (Gregory Charles Goben)

Minister pleads guilty to rapes, Dallas Morning News, 8/25/1988 (Gregory Charles Goben)