Shining light on Baptist clergy sex abuse  
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Twice Blind

James A. Moore,
Music Minister at First Baptist Church - Farmers Branch, Texas

It's not often that a person gets a second chance to try to make right on a past mistake. Jim Moore got that second chance, and he made the same mistake all over again.

He said that an adolescent girl's so-called "relationship" with an adult minister was "consensual." That's not only wrong, but downright ignorant, and dangerously so..... Read more>


First Baptist Church of Farmers Branch, Texas

"Twice blind" doesn't quite describe it for this church. It's more like quadruply blind.

A court filing asserted that this single church has had "at least four ministers who were involved with or complicit with sexually abusive conduct: (1) Gilmore, a minister who sexually abused a minor; (2) Moore, a minister who kept quiet about another minister's sexual abuse of a minor; (3) Underwood, a minister reported to have sexually abused a congregant; and (4) Hayden, now deceased, a minister who kept quiet about another minister's sexual abuse of a minor."  Read more>


Baptist General Convention of Texas

"Twice blind" isn't near enough to describe this organization's failures on clergy sex abuse.

Recognizing that the problem had reached "horrific proportions," the Baptist General Convention of Texas convened a committee back in 1998. They had some meetings and published a booklet called "Broken Trust"....Then BGCT leaders patted themselves on the back for their lovely booklet, and they've been doing that ever since. Meanwhile, they give no help to clergy abuse victims and they leave clergy child-molesters in their pulpits.

Where's the leadership? Why should local churches think they need to take the problem seriously when leaders at the state Baptist convention don't seem to?

To the same extent abuse has reached "horrific proportions," the BGCT has chosen blindness in equally "horrific proportions." Read more>