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Speaking Out: SNAP Baptist in the News

"The calling to speak is often a vocation of agony. But we must speak!"

Martin Luther King, Jr.

SNAP members and supporters at the Southern Baptist Convention in San Antonio, June 2007.

Baptists eye sex-offender database, 6/13/07

Abuse victims group holds vigil, 6/12/07

SBC to consider national clergy sex-offender database, EthicsDaily, 6/11/07 (summarizing the history of SNAP's efforts with Southern Baptists)

Keeping Watch: SNAP asks the Southern Baptist Convention to clean up its house

Addressing abuse is "one of the things Jesus would expect of us.... If people are suffering, we are supposed to do something about it." Rev. Gary Hayes, pastor of St. Alphonsus Catholic Church and member of SNAP

SNAP Urges Texas Baptists to Disclose List of Sexual Predators

SNAP calls on the Baptist General Convention of Texas to disclose the names in its secret file of ministers reported by churches for child molestation. (SNAP press statement)

SNAP members speak out at First Baptist Church of Oviedo in Florida.

Southern Baptist Leaders Challenged to Get Tough on Sex Abuse by Clergy.

SNAP urges SBC leaders to create independent review board and to rid their ranks of clergy predators.

Advocate Says Baptist Leaders Slow to Confront Problem of Clergy Sex Abuse.

SBC should reject the use of secrecy contracts. Catholic leaders have. Why not Baptists?

Clergy Sex-Abuse Activist Awaits Response from SBC.

MORE Baptist abuse survivors make their voices heard!

SBC Spokesman Responds. SNAP Answers "Where There's a Will There's a Way."

SBC says "misunderstanding" about Baptist structure; it's more of the "congregational autonomy" excuse.

Former SBC Missionary Speaks Out for Victims of Clergy Sex Abuse.

"There are just too many guys who have covered up too much...."

Group asks Baptists to form Board to track clergy linked to abuse

SNAP delivers letter asking for independent review board and zero-tolerance policy.