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Baptist Scandals:
Westside Victory Baptist Church
in Fort Worth, Texas


Larry Neathery was sentenced on 25 charges of sexually abusing 5 boys.

"Worse than a wolf in sheep's clothing, said the prosecutor, "he was "a shepherd" who betrayed children and parents into thinking him trustworthy.

He was described as a "cool guy." Yet he sexually assaulted 5 boys over the course of 6 years. His victims were between the ages of 5 and 14.

Neathery's victims were not only abused. They were ostracized by members of Westside Victory Baptist Church, where Neathery was pastor. The congregation rallied around the pastor.

The victims were accused of lying. But they had nothing to gain, explained one mother. They were persecuted by their church and they lost their friends, she said.

Why didn't the church rally around the victims and support THEM?