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Baptist Scandals:
Trinity Baptist in Jacksonville, Florida
Trinity Baptist Church in Jacksonville, Florida (photo by Dwayne Walker)


Who knew what and when did they know it?

  • Founding pastor Bob Gray is jailed on child sex charges. Church service makes no mention of arrest or accusations.

  • "She said the church knew what happened in Gray's office decades ago, years that the victims suffered silently."

  • Woman says "the church has known about the allegations against the pastor for years." She reads her email to pastor Tom Messer. (video)
    Tom Messer
  • Woman claims "church leaders knew of the sexual abuse but covered it up."

  • Tape recording said to show Trinity cover-up. "The victims are vindicated. The kids are vindicated. Tom (Messer) knew and covered it up for years."
  • Bob Gray reported to have molested kids as far back as 1949, before he left the Southern Baptist Convention. Did SBC leaders know?

    Founding pastor, Bob Gray

  • Leaders reported to have known for years that pastor Bob Gray was a pedophile.

  • Jerry Falwell says serial sex-abuse case at Trinity is a mere "bump in the road."

  • Former Southern Baptist president Jerry Vines sings the praises of Trinity Baptist Church even while numerous allegations of child sex abuse and cover-ups are being reported.
    Tony Denton

  • ANOTHER Trinity leader, Tony Denton, is charged with child sex crimes dating to when he was music minister in North Carolina. He was doing counseling for a brain-injury support group at the time of his arrest.

  • Don Boys says pastor Tom Messer knew. "I have observed a cover-up mentality in many large Baptist churches that seems to be systemic."

  • Civil suit claims Trinity Baptist covered-up Gray's sexual abuse of kids.

  • More of the documents from the civil suit and more of the testimonies

  • Bob Gray dies just before his criminal trial is set to start. The civil suit against Trinity Baptist goes forward. Suit proceeds despite statute of limitations challenge.

  • "Truth will come out," says Don Boys, "and expose the disingenuousness, deviousness and dishonesty -- all euphemisms for a simple word -- cover-up."

  • Bob Gray talked openly with police. "Gray told the officer he did it because he was having problems with his first wife." Read Bob Gray's own words.

  • Trinity graduate and Christian School Confidential blogger, Dwayne Walker, hosts event for clergy victims to seek healing and speak out.

  • Former Trinity leader, Tony Denton, pleads guilty to child molestation charges in North Carolina.

  • Listing of First Coast News articles on the Trinity saga.

Note:  Trinity Baptist Church is not an SBC-affiliated church. However, one of the many reported victims is alleging abuse dating to a time before Bob Gray left the Southern Baptist Convention. Also, since Southern Baptist leaders Jerry Vines and Jerry Falwell chose to sing Trinity's praises at a time when leaders should have been calling for accountability, this is a scandal that carries an additional connection to Southern Baptists.