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Hush-it-up and Cover-it-up:
Reports Show Baptist Pattern

  • Pastor Steve Gaines knew at Bellevue and kept quiet.

  • Minister Tom Messer knew at Trinity and kept quiet.

  • Pastor Larry Reynolds paid "hush money" in child molestation case with BGCT as a party.

  • Minister James Crittenden urged newspaper not to run Southmont story.

  • Senior Pastor Mike Roy "allowed Davies to continue working around the church's children" despite the allegations against him - and 2 more boys were molested.

  • Minister James A. Moore knew for decades at FBC-Farmers Branch and kept quiet, and then made the same mistake a second time.

  • Pastor Sam Underwood's church threatened suit against child molestation victim who made report.

  • Baptist General Convention of Texas keeps secret file of ministers reported for child molestation.

  • Baptist General Convention of Texas ignored victim's attempt to report pastor at Bolivar Baptist.

  • Long-time BGCT attorney sought secrecy contract from still another child molestation victim.

  • Journalist lost job at Illinois Baptist newspaper for covering story of minister who pled guilty to sexual assaults on teens.

  • Deacon leaders at First Baptist Church of Atlanta were twice informed about their prior children's minister who sexually abused a kid in Dallas, and about the written apology of the Dallas church. Yet, when SNAP members attempted to pass out flyers informing church members, they were run off the property.

  • Charles Wade, BGCT executive director, remained quiet after receiving a substantiated report about Baptist clergy child molester.

  • 18 Blind Baptist Leaders in four states, including former SBC president Bobby Welch, received a substantiated report about a minister's sexual abuse of a kid - and kept quiet.

  • Southern Baptist Convention headquarters wrote that it had no record a reported minister was still in ministry....and yet the man stood in the pulpit of a Florida megachurch talking about his childen's ministry

  • Numerous Illinois church and denominational leaders kept quiet about a convicted sex offender in the pulpit at First Baptist of Romeoville.

What message do Baptist leaders send to clergy abuse victims by this conduct?

Answer: "What happened to you doesn't matter. Go away. Shut up."


What message do Baptist leaders send to clergy perpetrators by this conduct?

Answer: "You're safe with us. We'll cover for you."

"The motivation of those in power...was to protect an further secure the power of individual men....
No reputation, and no power, that is built on lies and on
the cover-up of serious crimes, is worth protecting."

- Prof. Marci Hamilton