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Do something different. Be part of the solution.


"I think you have to NOT do what you're tempted to do, which is to minimize it. And to NOT say, 'It's in the past. Get over it.'  It's kind of the worst thing you can say to someone in that situation."  --Richard Gartner

  • Report suspected abuse, no matter how long ago it occurred or how vague it might seem.

  • Write letters to the editor. They can be submitted by email and they are a powerful way to keep the issue of clergy sex abuse in the public spotlight. Check here for some suggestions on how to write a letter to the editor.

  • Write to members of the SBC Executive Committee.  (You can make a difference - do this one now!)

  • Support reform efforts in state legislatures to eliminate civil and criminal statutes of limitation for sex crimes against kids.

  • Ask your pastor to print material about SNAP in church bulletins and publications. Victims come forward when they feel supported, and when victims come forward, churches are made safer. (Abused by clergy? There's help. SNAP is a confidential self-help group. Call 1-877-SNAP-HEALS or go to .)

  • Donate to SNAP and ask your friends to do the same. Write "StopBaptistPredators" in the online comment field or on the memo line of your check.