This is the revised policy of the Baptist General Convention of Texas, as it was announced in June 2007. See prior policy here.



A terrible thing has happened in your church. It is natural to want to
protect the victims, your members, and even your community from further
trauma and grief. Many churches simply want to move on and forget that
any minister could violate trust in such a destructive manner. Unfortunately,
hiding or ignoring the truth may create an opportunity for others to get hurt.

Your church can help stop the cycle of clergy sexual abuse by reporting the
incident from your church. The Baptist General Convention of Texas maintains a
confidential file of church incidents related to sexual misconduct of clergy.
You can
cooperate with other churches in the BGCT to provide information about clergy who
have broken the trust of their congregation and have violated the sacred role God has
given them.

If an incident of clergy sexual misconduct has taken place, the BGCT will put a record of
that incident into a file when a minister confesses to sexual misconduct, there is a legal
conviction, or if your church provides a report that the sexual misconduct took place.


Other churches can then have access to information regarding the existence of a clergy
sexual misconduct incident by the person in question. You will be helping other
churches to avoid the pain and suffering which your church members have endured.

How to submit a record of clergy sexual misconduct in your church:

  1. An elected officer of your church (or BGCT-related institution or
    organization) should provide a written statement of the incident. Examples of
    church officers are the Chair of Deacons, the Chair of the Personnel
    Committee, or the church’s legal trustees.
  2. Include in your report information such as: a written confession, testimonies
    or depositions of victims, accounts of church action, or a record of conviction.
  3. Mail all related documentation to:
    Sonny Spurger – Confidential
    Baptist General Convention of Texas
    333 N. Washington
    Dallas, TX 75246
    We cannot accept statements by phone or email.