Shining light on Baptist clergy sex abuse  
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Write to the SBC Executive Committee

- Ask for action.

- Ask for it now. What are they waiting for? How many more will be hurt before they do something? The time for effective action is long over-due.

- Ask them to create an independent board to objectively and professionally review reports of clergy sex abuse, to determine whether accusations are credible, and to inform congregations.

- Ask them to seek guidance from the leaders of other faith groups that have already set up review boards and from survivor support groups.

- Ask them to address the problem instead of kicking the messengers.

The Bylaws workgroup of the SBC's Executive Committee is charged with the task of addressing the clergy sex abuse issue. Here are most of their addresses.

Dr. Stephen Wilson, chairman

Mr. Mitchell Gavin

Dr. David H. Shepherd

Rev. Chris S. Osborne

Rev. L. Douglas Passmore

Dr. Stephen N. Rummage

Mr. Roy Scarborough, Jr.

Mr. Royce J. Sweatman

Other officers of the SBC Executive Committee:

President of the SBC Executive Committee:

Dr. Morris Chapman

President of the Southern Baptist Convention:

Dr. Johnny Hunt

Find an SBC Executive Committee member from your state - here.